Seventies - Tyres

I Seek You, I Film You, I Reward You

The chain linking Pirelli, the tyre salesman, and the end-consumer continued to work in 1974 with the campaign, both on screen and in the press, Ti cerco, ti filmo, ti premio (I Seek You, I Film You, I Reward You). The formula made use of the technique known as “personality promotion”, in which an imaginary character is used to emotionally involve potential consumers and thus channel their choices. The character in question at the time was a flexible little man – drawn by Alan Fletcher – whose silver figure was clearly visible on a sticker handed over by the tyre salesman to the customer who had changed his tyres and had chosen Pirelli. Various film crews travelled all around Italy looking for cars that had the sticker, and then filmed the driver, who was rewarded. All this was used for television advertising on “Carosello”.