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TV commercial, 1974

Superga, le tue scarpe scelte dai campioni

Agenzia Centro

In August 1974 with Panatta; Bertolucci and Barazzutti beat the Romania of Năstase and Țiriac in the Davis Cup. “Italy’s Davis Cup victory wears Superga Sport”, said the advertising campaign: with Panatta endorsing the product, Superga went back to tennis just like in the days of the 2750. In 1973 the Superga Sport brand had indeed been created for sports practice: the new logo brought together the classic S and a stylized “swallow tail”.Under the slogan “your shoes chosen by the champions”, the 1970s flowed past like a big picture card album of Into your tennis shoes the best loved characters in international sports, who increasingly endorsed Superga. Panatta and Bertolucci for tennis, Baronchelli for cycling, Arese for athletics. Gabetti Cantù’s basketball teams, and Federlazio’s volleyball teams all wore Superga Sport. And then there was football, with the Torino of the “twins” Pulici and Graziani, and of the “poet” Claudio Sala. The partnership between Superga and Torino Calcio became a sponsorship in 1980, when “Granata” shirts were stitched with the “Swallow” logo, created to characterize Superga’s new sector: sports attire. The years 1980 and 1981 were marked by the last great and successful advertising campaign made by the Centro agency for Superga, signed by the creative Marco Morarelli: Lo stile irresistibile (The Irresistible Style). An articulated series of ads that drew from the reality of the early 1980s, from the energy crisis to the doubts as to whether or not to boycott the Moscow Olympics, from the New York blackout to Ronald Reagan. Easy to say that Ivan Lendl – new emerging Superga endorsement – wanted to “step on the toes” of his rival Björn Borg