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TV commercial, 1996


Young & Rubicam

From press to video. In 1995 the campaign Power is Nothing Without Control produced a TV commercial that in turn became a cult. Directed by Gerard de Thame, Carl Lewis was filmed during a mad race full of special effects along the New York skyline: up the Statue of Liberty, then along Brooklyn Bridge and then again on the waters of the Hudson River and all the way up to the top of the Chrysler Building. The final images reveal the secret of the magical race: the sole of Lewis’ foot etched with the same pattern as the tread on the P6000. Carl Lewis loaned his image to the Pirelli tyres until 1996, with a unique foray into the motorbike line as well; steel teeth devouring the road for the sporting Dragon, panther claws for the off-road MT80 RS. A visual concept that harked back to automobile tyres with the 1996 commercial for the ultra-high performance Pirelli P7000. And lastly, again a Carl Lewis – only reproduced in a drawing this time – who continued his race to celebrate “P Zero the Hero”.