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TV commercial, 1993

If you’re going to drive, drive

Director: Willy van der Vlugt. Young & Rubicam

In 1993 came the decision to go back to the video and associate the now global campaign “If you’re going to drive, drive” to a celebrity endorsement. A well-known face, one that would remind the motorist that the Pirelli brand has always been a mix of performance and fascination. What was needed was a symbol: a woman of character. And the star of “united” Pirelli was the actress Sharon Stone, fresh from her worldwide success with Basic Instinct, released in 1992. In the commercial made by the Dutch director Willy van der Vlugt, the American star reclaimed the importance of the universal endorsement that had perhaps last been seen with Fangio and the Cinturato. The one hundred seconds of Driving Instinct capture millions of European viewers, and the Pirelli tyre that she brushes up against as she gets into the car is a mere detail.