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Promotional film, United Kingdom, 1966

The Tortoise and the Hare

Director: Hugh Hudson. Produced by: Gamma Film, Pirelli Ltd, Cammel Hudson & Brownjohn Associates

The Pirelli sister company in the United Kingdom revealed its long-standing creative vitality, at least since the production of the film La lepre e la tartaruga (The Hare and the Tortoise), depicting a chase between a Jaguar and a truck along the Autostrada del Sole, under the sign of the Cinturato. This was released just a couple of years after the launch of the Pirelli Calendar, and the glossy covers of the house organs “Pirellicon” and “Pirelli World”, signed by the art editor Michael Tucker. In addition to “The Cal”, the collaboration with the designer Derek Forsyth generated a whole series of graphic-advertising works, amongst which the family feeling used for the Pirelli P600 and P700 campaigns. As for television, Pirellability – a pioneer of animated digitalization – was produced as early as 1980, and after that, in 1986, under the headline “Gripping Stuff”, the thriller Double Indemnity that would make history in the English-speaking markets, until 1989, with the release of the epic The Day the Earth Stood Still, with the Pirelli P Zero as protagonist on the Lamborghini Countach Anniversary.