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TV commercial, 1987

Una strada nel parco

Centro agency

The whole Pirelli range, covering every need. A message anticipated by the campaign Che “tipo” sei? in 1985 and revived a few years later, in 1987, with the TV commercial Una strada nel parco (A Road in the Park). A sequence shot with a soft, peaceful atmosphere, gentle lighting, a bench, trees in the background. The protagonists pass, a man alights from a car – Safety – carrying a musical instrument case. A truck drives past: Duration. A motorbike – Acceleration – stops and another person gets off holding a case. A tractor covers the same scene once more: Strength. When it finally takes off, the two are playing a jazz piece while standing in front of the bench. Forty-five seconds of pure sensations, with no “electronic effects or neurotic staccatos”: four tyres in harmony with one another.