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TV commercial (making of), 1978

Pirelli. Pneumatici con la P maiuscola

Director: Giulio Cingoli. Produced by: Studio Orti

The message of the 1978 advertising campaign is "For every car in every country”. There are various solutions suggested to communicate, from the "millipede" to the shoe of typical countries. And even after the final choice of machine-long P, the question arises of how to make immediate the idea of ​​a range of ninety-seven different panaemics that can provide any driver the right solution. A simple design does not seem to be enough: better to photograph from the truth. The Capital P Pneumatic Ad Campaign is the 1978 advertising campaign signed by the photographer, Adrian Hamilton, using 140 cars of every brand, of every engine size. The campaign will then be announced both in the print version and in the movie and television spot.