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“Carosello” in six episodes - 1973

La parola al gommista

Director: Alfredo Danti. Produced by: DN Sound

In 1973 a new figure appeared in tyre communication: that figure was the specialized retailer, ultimately the real contact point between the manufacturer and the consumer. The campaign – which also involved the airing of a series of TV commercials – was La parola al gommista (Over to the Tyre Man): “an expert, the only person who, due to his skills and experience, can advise the motorist as to the correct use and maintenance and the best choice of tyre to buy”. Needleless to say, the tyre to buy was the Cinturato CN54, which allowed for “acceleration and speed, resistance and durability”, akin to and more than a skater, a sidecar champ, and even a mountaineer…